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Owner: turtleguy123456
Status: Offline
Version: Spigot 1.8
Players: 0/50
Rank: 534
Votes: 2
Uptime: 100%
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TheTownyMC is a Towny server that is often considered more than just that. To many it is a home filled with friends and family, a place to unwind and have laughs, a place to enjoy the wonders of centralized building. The Towny plugin helps us to build a loving and growing community by giving us the commands to create and run towns together. This plugin is the backbone of the server, providing simple and easy to use commands for all involved. When playing on Towny, all players should start by reading the rules. It is important that we all find the server to be a safe environment. Next, one should leave the spawning area and adventure off either on their own or with their friends. Finding a good spot to settle down in is vital on Towny, so make sure to look around for a good while to find the perfect one. Doing /t help allows the player to see the many commands involved with Towny. Some prime examples of simple, yet helpful commands are /t new [name] and /t claim. The first of those two commands allows the player to create a new town settled in the spot that they are currently standing on. The second of those commands allows the player to claim any other blocks/space directly surrounding the original claimed spot. But be careful! It is important that you do not claim a part for your town that is too close to another town. Be sure to check your surroundings first.

We have a wide array of plugins on TheTownyMC that do not directly relate to Towny, but make playing a whole lot safer, easier and more fun! DynamicMap allows the player to check the whole Towny server's map on one website, as well as where everyone on the server is. Another helpful plugin is Lockette which allows the player to lock their chests, furnaces, enchanting tables, etc so that only they can access it. They can even add specific people to the list of players who can open their chests. This plugin helps to make sure that TheTownyMC is as safe as possible. An example of a fun and convenient plugin is the Marriage plugin. This plugin allows monotonous relationships between players on the server. When married, couples have access to /marry gift /marry home, /marry tp and a few others. The first command, /marry gift allows couples to give each other items from their inventory without having to be right next to them. The second, /marry home, allows the couple to set a mutual home where they can both meet up at. The last command allows couples to tp to each other instantly. | The Minecraft Server list | Dynamic Banner

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