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Tazz Craft
Owner: Tazzdevil27
Status: Online
Version: 1.8
Players: 0/100
Rank: 9190
Votes: 0
Uptime: 100%
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Tazzcaft is a vannilla spigot server with many features allowing it to be played by all people, want to face people off in a tight corner doing anything to survive? well we have Survival games set up just for that, along with some themed PVP arena's. There are many different worlds accross the server, each for its own


The many worlds are all used for their own purpose, the main world is for playing the game as usual, survivng and creating citys together and making clans. There is also a creative world anyone can go into, this world allows players to build anything in their own claimed area and have no effect on the survival players in the other worlds. the rest of the worlds are for Mini games, such as Mob arena, PVP arena, CTF, and Survival games, there are even more to come. Along with that the most important world is the mining world, to keep the main world looking nice without a ton of holes in the ground the mining world is to gather resources and it will be reset once a week, so dont leave anything in it.

Grief Prevention

To keep players safe from others destroying their creations and homes multiple plugins are installed to keep items and houses safe. to claim land simply right click with a golden shovel on the corners of your house, if you dont have a shovel you can get one in the admin shop. there is also a basic feature added so players can keep chests safe by placing a sign.


The servers economy system allows alot of cool features, you can play with it or with out, its 100% up to choice, you can use your money (gold coins and copper coiins) to buy items in the CTF arena or place bets in PVP matches, or to buy that few extra colored wool you needed. However there is another good reason for having a good amount of gold, the rank system doesnt work by time in this server, instead by how much money you make, playing minigames or applying for a job and even just playing the game will allow players to make money and buy their way up in the ranks.


The ranking system is quite unique as described in the Economy secion, Players with higher ranks are considered more VIP and also have access to some more features than newer/lower ranked players. for example every rank after Guest gets a daily salary from the bank, the higher rank the more money that day. New players also can't join a clan until they reach the first official rank, after that they can only be members and cant make their own for a while. | The Minecraft Server list | Dynamic Banner

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