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Owner: Jarvisthefirst
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Welcome To PlexCraft we have many great things on this server. We thought about what we liked to see when we first joined a server. We have friendly Staff and a small community. we are all nice and welcoming to all.

We have many great plugins that will help make your experiance better while you are on the server.


We prefer that all staff members are 18 or older and we have all people apply at our
website and soon the url will change to our new name but atm please use the link we have.

If you are interested join the server and talk to jarvisthefirst.


We would love to have the best towny server out there but we need help making that dream possible hope you will join us so our dream can become a Reality.


We have a lot of custom plugins and working on a lot of custom in-game Ranks that you pay for with in-game currency. Our economy is top notch we have a custom bank Gui So that way you can store items money and xp in your own bank free of charge and you will gain interest on your money and xp as long as it is in your bank.


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