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Grimm Craft
Owner: Bebots
Status: Offline
Version: CraftBukki
Players: 0/20
Rank: 6232
Votes: 0
Uptime: 100%

Hello fellow mine trackers! It's me, James (a co-owner) here to discuss our amazing server, GrimmCraft :D

As of right now, it's a new factions server looking for staff and getting larger by the minute, but as we grow we will add more things such as Skywars, KitPVP, Creative plots, City RPG, Etc. We hope not only to be a good server, but also to have an amazing community. The staff are picked very carefully and myself and the other owners are on A LOT to not only administrate but also play with the players. (Fairly of course!)
Soon we will also be adding MCMMO and RANKUP etc.
We created this server because my friend, Aaron (Grimm) and I got very sick of seeing servers that were pay to win and ruled by whoever had a paypal, and what finally broke the last straw is when we saw that all of the new servers we went on sold OP as well. Now not to be hypocritical, as we do offer ranks for money, but they're not overly OP and they don't give practical godliness to whoever donates. We also have rank up to make it fair to those who just can't donate. The owners are hosting this server to have fun, not to make money. The staff here would be totally fine not making a single penny and we won't but players non stop to donate. That's the best part. We're not in this for ourselves, we're in this for everyone to have fun and to create an amazing server community together. | The Minecraft Server list | Dynamic Banner

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