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Winding Ball Z
Owner: red0fireus
Status: Offline
Players: 0/0
Rank: 613
Votes: 1
Uptime: 100%
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Hey guys and welcome to Winding Ball Z, a brand new server for the mod Dragon Ball Z in Minecraft.

IP Address is:

Here's a few things you may need to know in order to play this server:

•It's in Minecraft version 1.6.4.
•Everything in the server (mods etc) are also 1.6.4.
•Ranks from the Pixelmon server WILL NOT BE CARRIED OVER! You will need to donate again for ranks on the new Dragon Block C server.

•I will post a link below to a forum post on how to install the correct mods for this server. The link will include Forge, the Mods, Reis Minimap and Optifine.

Link to forum post

We also have a TeamSpeak server set for you guys to use, to either talk to your friends or talk to staff. The rules are simple there:
•No swearing
•No abusive behaviour
•No spamming
•No links to inappropriate content

You can find all the rules int he description of the lobby when you join. The IP for TeamSpeak is

I hope to see you guys on there from time to time and also hope you enjoy it here.

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