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Owner: devonkeith
Status: Offline
Version: Spigot 1.8
Players: 0/500
Rank: 521
Votes: 2
Uptime: 100%
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Brutal-Dimension is still in its early-mid beta phase, so bear with us while we (I) get everything the way I want it. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. I plan to add many features to the server in the future, for example, I will be adding "MobCatcher" and "Jobs" soon. MobCatcher allows you to catch mobs and collect their egg with a chicken egg and some redstone (MobCatcher will be a donator perk). Jobs is a new way to earn money, you can do "/jobs join miner,farmer,digger,hunter,etc" and get money for doing your job. I am really happy with the direction the server is rolling in right now, so things should be up fast.

Thank you for reading this and best regards.

Happy Minecrafting,
- devonkeith ~ Lead Developer and Owner of Brutal-Dimension

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