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Owner: S_T_A_R_D_U_S_T
Status: Offline
Version: CraftBukki
Players: 0/30
Rank: 7488
Votes: 0
Uptime: 100%
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I've put together a neat little server here. It has a nice feel to it because of the small close community. We are not factions or even PvP oriented, it's more survival and economy.

Sell crops and mob drops at the server shop to earn money, or create your own shop and protect it with a sponge (which you have to buy by the way. You can get your own portal to your shop at the server shop, sounds kinda cool huh?

Pvp in the world is enabled, but there's no factions or anything like that. Our main object is to just enter the world and survive. We're a small server so at the moment you should not have to worry about people finding your builds too easily, but remember you can protect them with a protection stone, and even add members and set some flags for your region.

Not really looking for staff, just looking to have fun, hence lolcraft. | The Minecraft Server list | Dynamic Banner

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