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Sponsored bidding

A sponsored server is a Minecraft server which is chosen by Minetrack to be officially endorsed and advertised on They are chosen from the bidding list, the top 5 bidders each get there server of choice posted on at the top of for the duration of one month. After that month ends the next top 5 bidders are chosen from the bidding list and the cycle continues. Everybody can bid for their server to be in the top five spots however getting chosen is very dependent on bid amount.

Bidding information:

State: Closed
Current time: 21/05/2018 18:39:22
Bidding open: 21/04/2018 16:04:12
Bidding close: 26/04/2018 16:04:12
Payment due: 03/05/2018 16:04:12
Cycle date: 03/05/2018 16:19:12
Next bidding: 21/05/2018 16:04:12

Last month top 5 server bids:

# Server Amount

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